Restoration Update - June 2016

Suffolk County has appropriated and the Legislature approved $300,000 to replace the roof on the lighthouse.

The County is in the process of engaging a firm to design and plan the process.  The new roof will hopefully be installed in 2017. The County also plans to replace the windows and doors and repair the masonry so as to complete the exterior renovation. The lantern, which we have already restored, will be reinstalled atop the lighthouse when the new roof is completed. Until then, the lantern will remain at the Sag Harbor Yacht Yard on Bay Street in Sag Harbor.

Meeting Notes October 24th

This summer the lantern underwent a renovation at the Sag Harbor Yacht Yard. It was cleaned and sand blasted. Then holes in the metal as a result of rust were filled. The lantern was primed with a zinc primer, followed by a coat of epoxie and then two coats of gloss black urethene. A new ball and chimney are being cast at a foundry in Richmond VA. A new door between the lantern and the outside platform was fabriated in Chicago. New hinges are being fabricated in a maching shop in Sag Harbor. We transported the lantern to the lawn of the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum where it will reside until we reinstall it on the lighthouse in 2015. Everyone at the Whaling Museum has been very helpful and cooperative.

The Suffolk County Legislature Approves

The Suffolk County Legislature approved legislation to extend its agreement with us until december 31, 2029 and authorized us to operate the Cedar Island Lighthouse as a Bed N Breakfast after the restoration. The Legislature also appropriated $50,000 in the 2015 budget for renovations.Legislator Jay Schneiderman has been instrumantal in this process and we are very grateful to him.

Legislator Schneiderman organized a press trip to the lighthouse attended by reporters from the Sag Harbor Express, The East Hampton Star, The East Hampon Independent and the East Hampton Press. Each has published a story about the Cedar Island Lighthouse and the restoration. (Search their websites for the articles)

A Historical Prospective Of The Lighthouse

Noted filmmaker, Richard Altomonte, has produced a historical prospective of the lighthouse.

Lantern Update

The lantern now resides at the Sag Harbor Yacht Yard on Bay Street in Sag Harbor. We have removed the ventilator ball, the four air intake shields below the windows and we are working on removing all the pieces securing the window openings. The ventilator ball and chimney will need to be recast at a foundry specializing in historic renovations. Most of the window pieces can be used.

The entire lantern will be sand blasted and then coated with a moisture resistant paint similar that used on bridges. We are advised that the paint should last over 50 years when applied properly. A temporary structure will be build to house the lantern for sandblasting and coating.

The Lift Off

The "Lift off" went off without any problems thanks to Chesterfield Associates and Bob Coco Construction. They both donated their services. The lantern was lifted off, taken to Sag Harbor and is now at the Sag Harbor Yacht Yard where it will be restored before it is reinstalled on the lighthouse.