The Suffolk County Legislature Approves

The Suffolk County Legislature approved legislation to extend its agreement with us until december 31, 2029 and authorized us to operate the Cedar Island Lighthouse as a Bed N Breakfast after the restoration. The Legislature also appropriated $50,000 in the 2015 budget for renovations.Legislator Jay Schneiderman has been instrumantal in this process and we are very grateful to him.

Legislator Schneiderman organized a press trip to the lighthouse attended by reporters from the Sag Harbor Express, The East Hampton Star, The East Hampon Independent and the East Hampton Press. Each has published a story about the Cedar Island Lighthouse and the restoration. (Search their websites for the articles)

The lantern, which is now at the Sag Harbor Yacht Yard, is being restored. Next month the lantern will be cleaned and painted to protect it for at least 50 years. A new ventilator ball will be cast to replace the existing damaged ball. Once the lantern is replaced on the Cedar Island Lighthouse, new windows will be installed.

Contractor Express and the Lucas Family have generously offered to donate the materials for a new roof for the lighthouse.

We are extremely thankful for this generous donation. We are now working with Sandpebble Builders to develop a budget for the new roof.