Newly Coated Lantern

The Removal of the lantern was a result of an offer by Chesterfield Associates to send the resources for the job. In October, Dave Allen, the founder of the marine construction company arrived in Sag Harbor on a 75' landing craft with a 50 ton crane on board. The next day we set off from Sag Harbor along with Bob Coco of Bob Coco Construction to the lighthouse. Within two hours the lantern was removed from its perch where it had rested for 145 years.

When it arrived at the Long Wharf in Sag Harbor, it was met by a number of reporters and photographers from various East End news organizations. 

The Sag Harbor Yacht yard sent a trailer and tow and it was taken down Bay Street to the Yacht Yard.

Last August, the lantern was sand blasted and coated with primer and several applications of finish coat so that it will be protected for at least fifty years.

See youtube videos here.

Several parts of the lantern needed to be replaced. The ball and chimmney at the top of the lantern were beyond repair. A new ball and chimney were cast at a foundry in Richmond, Virgina. Those and several smaller parts are now being Coated and will be replaced on the lantern this Spring. We will notify everyone when the lantern is "whole again".

We expect to replace the lantern atop the lighthouse either later this year or in the spring of 2016.

We are now in the process of raising the funds to replace the roof, windows, and doors. We have offers of donations of some materials so our preliminary budget is approximately $250,000. The cost reflects the difficulty of reaching the lighthouse over the one mile beach or by water.